Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to Become a Pet Foster Home

Help Rehabilitate a Pet for Adoption

Help out an animal rescue in your area by becoming a foster home for a pet. Help prepare a pet for permanent adoption with training and socialization.

Have you considered becoming a pet foster home? Did you even know animal foster programs existed? They do, and it's a good way to introduce your family to a new pet, while helping the animal get ready for permanent adoption. You'll need to prepare your home and family first, then work closely with the pet rescue for the best results.

Prepare the Family and Home for the Foster Pet

Talk to the entire household about fostering a pet. Clearly explain that this will not be the family's pet to keep. You are to train and socialize the pet until it can be adopted by another family. Your work will be crucial in preparing the pet for the perfect home.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to Choose the Right Leash for Training Your Puppy or Adopted Older Dog

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Before you start leash training your puppy, make sure that you are using the proper equipment. Do not start with an extension leash; these are strictly for playtime walking. Your puppy or newly adopted older dog needs to understand that the person holding the leash is in charge of the walk direction and pace.

Find a specialty pet shop in your area, preferably specializing in dog collars and leashes. The more specialized the store, the more knowledgeable the staff (hopefully). Many specialty dog shops also allow you to bring your puppy in for fittings, just make sure that the shop is clean prior to bringing in your new puppy.

Get a leash that comfortably comes to your waist when the dog is standing at your side or slightly behind you. For example; hold the leash handle in your left hand (at your waist), run the leash across your body to your right hand (at your waist) and let the leash fall down your right leg (forming an upside down L) to the height of your dog's neck when standing next to you.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dog Training in Des Moines: Training a Dog from Start to Finish

Marley and Me was a great movie, but most dog owners don't want to live it. Des Moines offers some of the best dog trainers in the US. From puppy to field trials, teach your pet from the best.

Des Moines is a great place to raise a dog or two, but all the land to run can be a safety hazard for your pet. Start dog training early to ensure a healthy, fun life with your new companion.

Training a puppy will aid in socializing with other animals and people. Let's face it, we all admire the pet owner with the well behaved animal. It's easy to get started and there are many professional dog trainers in Des Moines, IA ready to help.

How to Choose Dog Toys that Will Keep Your Puppy Happy and Safe

Checking puppy toys for safety issues is almost as important as checking baby toys. Puppies have sharp teeth growing in and need to chew. Most dog-toy manufacturers understand this. However, proper safety precautions are not always taken at the factory level.

Safe Dog Toys for young puppies

Puppies under 10 weeks old, especially small and tiny breeds, can have plush toys. Plush toys are the stuffed animal type of dog toys with a squeaker inside. You can squeak the dog toy to get your puppy's attention, and most puppies this young can't destroy a toy yet. Zanies brand makes great plush toys that are truly different and very well made. Many have tug ropes built in for easy 'tug-o-war' games. Very small or young puppies may not be ready for that rough game, but it also makes it easier for a small puppy to drag the toy around.