Sunday, October 18, 2015

Best Hunting Dog in Iowa Contest

Do you have the best hunting dog in Iowa? If you think your dog is the best hunter, we want to hear from you! It doesn’t matter what breed your dog is, all are welcome. Iowa is such a huge hunting state I thought it’d be fun to find all those great hunting dogs that help us out so much in the fields.

Whether your dog helps you hunt duck, quail, or is even your little mouse hunter in the house, they qualify for our Best Hunting Dog in Iowa contest!

The winner gets a couple of free dog toys and an article written about them and their hunting conquests.

The rules are simple: Just send a small picture in jpeg format, along with a short biography or story about why you think your dog is the best hunter in Iowa, and where you are from, to Christine at  with the subject line Best Hunting Dog in Iowa Contest.

We’ll name a new winner every month, so keep the emails coming!

(Cricket hunters are eligible too!)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

How to Introduce a Puppy to a Dog Crate

A dog crate (also called a kennel) is the best way to ensure your pet is safe when you are asleep or away from home. Dogs are den animals and most acclimate quickly to a small sleeping area. A proper introduction is all it takes to provide a safe haven for a pet.
Put the pet in the dog crate to ride home. All pets should be in a secure carrier while in a car. Use a hard carrier for transporting pets, and secure it with seat belts. You may want to use a different crate for sleeping, especially if the pet does not like to travel.

At home, grab some treats and squeak toys and sit down near the kennel. Show the puppy a tiny piece of treat and let them eat it. Toss a piece into the crate near the front. Continue to toss tiny pieces farther back in the dog crate and praise the dog for coming in and out of the kennel.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

3 Easy Steps for Putting Your Dog on a Diet

I had to put my Cocker Spaniel on a diet when he started to gain too much weight. Carrying extra weight is an issue for dogs just as it is with people. It puts added pressure on their joints and can cause diabetes. If you look down at your dog and notice a bulge in the middle it's time to put your dog on a diet.

Get a Veterinary Check-Up

When I noticed the weight gain in my GSD I went to the veterinary office first. A sudden weight gain could be anything, so have your pet checked out. If the weight gain is gradual and you've noticed it but now need to really address the issue, ask your vet for recommendations on dog food for overweight dogs. To make it easier on the dog's system gradually add the new food to the old (a little more of the new each day), when switching brands or flavors.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pros and Cons of Different Dog Kennels and Dog Crates

How to Choose the Right Dog Kennel

A crate is an important investment for a dog owner. It can be expensive too. Make the right decision the first time with this list of dog crate pros and cons and recommendations.

Let's look at the different dog crates available today so you can better decide which style and size is best for your needs.