Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to Become a Pet Foster Home

Help Rehabilitate a Pet for Adoption

Help out an animal rescue in your area by becoming a foster home for a pet. Help prepare a pet for permanent adoption with training and socialization.

Have you considered becoming a pet foster home? Did you even know animal foster programs existed? They do, and it's a good way to introduce your family to a new pet, while helping the animal get ready for permanent adoption. You'll need to prepare your home and family first, then work closely with the pet rescue for the best results.

Prepare the Family and Home for the Foster Pet

Talk to the entire household about fostering a pet. Clearly explain that this will not be the family's pet to keep. You are to train and socialize the pet until it can be adopted by another family. Your work will be crucial in preparing the pet for the perfect home.
Decide on which type of pet fits best in your home. Stick with your strengths, if you are bird people, contact avian rescues. There are pet rescues for every domestic animal. Everyone will need to be social with the pet for the best results.

Make sure you have plenty of time to spend with the foster pet. These animals are often rescued from poor living conditions and need a lot of attention and socialization. They may also need daily medication.

Prepare your home for the foster pet accordingly to the type you've decided on. Create a quiet area in the home for the pet. Wait to purchase any other supplies until after you've talked to a pet rescue. Most pet rescues provide some supplies to foster homes.

Talk to Animal Rescues About Fostering a Pet

If you've decided on a specific animal you'd like to foster in your home, talk to rescues that deal with that particular pet. If they are not in need of a foster home, they may need other assistance or can point you in another direction. Contact the big shelters too, they often have unusual pets waiting for adoption with little or no room to roam or socialize.

Go over all of the rules for becoming a foster home for a pet with the rescue. Fill out the application and be prepared for a home visit to confirm that you are prepared to foster a pet.

Ask the pet rescue what you are responsible for as a foster pet home. Who is responsible for medical expenses? Who is responsible for food expenses? What happens if the pet bites someone? Get all of the conditions in writing.

Once you've become a foster home for a pet, remind yourself and the household daily that this is a temporary situation. You are responsible for training the pet to be the best they can be in their permanent homes. Celebrate when they are adopted out since it means you did a great job. Sadly, there will always be another animal that needs a foster home.

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