Sunday, May 27, 2012

I'm a German Shepherd Dog Owner

I'm currently a German Shepherd Dog owner (with a cat that she thinks is a squeak toy). Sheba is my German Shepherd and she's about five or six years old. She's a rescue dog that doesn't really have a birthday. Sheba, like most GSDs, is very smart. She can find any treat hidden anywhere and even swiftly remove a cookie from a toddler's tender fingers before he knows what happened! Even at six years old Sheba is active every day.

Any German Shepherd Dog owner will tell you they have the smartest dog in the world. These dogs love to learn tricks and play games as much as possible. They also have a nomadic instinct that needs to be satisfied with daily walks. The German Shepherd is a working dog that loves to do just that. Walk. And walk. If you ask them to they will even walk some more.

Learn all about the history of the German Shepherd Dog along with helpful tips for GSD owners here: The German Shepherd Dog

Tell me all about your German Shepherd or lap dog in the comment section!

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