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Five Fundraising Ideas for Dog Rescues

How to Raise Money for a  Pet Rescue Organization

Get the creative juices flowing with these five tips for raising money for pet rescues.

Fund raising is always at the top of the list for dog rescues. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control can cause a need for immediate extra cash. Aside from having a great adoption rate, dog rescues often need to look outside the box to raise money. If you think you have exhausted all resources for donations, check out these tips to get some new ideas.

Charity auctions are an easy way to raise funds

Ask local businesses to donate services, discounts or merchandise to a public auction. Sometimes it's easier to get a donation in this way, as it helps advertise the business and does not require cash. Small donations are fine; bundle them together for larger bidders.
Use the Internet to advertise your charity auction. Be upfront about the dog rescue and whether it is breed specific. This will help target people willing to donate through bidding.

Sell calendars to raise money for a dog rescue

Take the best picture of each of the dogs in the rescue for each year and lay them out in a calendar. You can also take pictures of the adopted families and ask if they want a picture included in next year's calendar.

Sell the dog calendars at events like flea markets and pet fairs. Use word of mouth marketing and a link to buy the dog rescue calendars in your email signatures. Talk to owners of dog websites about placing a link or picture of the calendar on one of their pages. Talk to local pet associated businesses about placing an ad for the dog rescue somewhere in the shop.

Hold a craft sale for your pet rescue

Have fun crafting some dog related items to sell at t a craft fair or flea market. Get the whole family involved in decorating items. Things to decorate include: breed specific book bags, t-shirts, calendars and stationary.

Get your scrapbook friends together to help create puppy book templates for owners to document the life of their dog. Personalize the books at the sale for a slightly larger donation to the rescue.

Make fliers to advertise your pet rescue and the need for donations on the date of the craft sale.

Start a Website for direct donations to your animal rescue

Start a simple informational website with a donation button at the top to take the rescue fund raising to a whole new level. Provide relevant information if you are breed specific dog rescue, as well as any adoption information. Share pictures and stories of the dogs you have helped save and successfully adopted out.

Create a mailing list to keep in contact with supporters. Send out monthly newsletters to keep all supporters informed of the groups' activities. When an emergency strikes send out an email explaining the problems the rescue is facing and what kind of help is needed.

Go to PayPal and apply for a business account. After being accepted, place a donation button on the web page. Network with other dog website owners to get them to place a link to your site or a donation button.

Sell items online or open a store to raise money

Find dog related items at garage sales that are in good to excellent condition and sell them on sites like eBay and CraigsList. Craft items can also be sold online in an effort to fund raise. Make sure to let shoppers know that all (or whatever part) of the proceeds are going to help save dogs in need of help.

The most important thing to do is to get the word out about your pet rescue and the need for financial assistance. Shouting it from the rooftops only helps if you have a lot of people shouting. Make sure to get as many people involved as possible for successful fund raising activities.

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